Copy & Paste Pro released

Copy and Paste like a pro.
Control your clipboard.
Capitalize, uppercase and lowercase.
Keep your clipboard synchronized with all your devices* in your personal iCloud account.
Just add the Clipboard widget to your Notification Center, copy a word or a text and look at the widget**.
The text or word will be available in Copy & Paste Pro in all your devices*, then you can copy or copy with the formatting options.
Put on the Blacklist words or beginning of words(like 3 letters) that you don’t want to save.

*Devices with iOS 8 or superior using the same iCloud account and with iCloud Drive enabled.
**The text or word copied will only be available in the app if you open your Notification Center with the Clipboard widget enabled or open the main app after copy something.
***Be Careful with your sensitive data. The widgets are also available when the screen is locked.